A common theme among high-achievers revolves around something Oprah said, “Most people are living their lives as if the destination is what it’s all about.”

Gotta get that thing, arrive at that place, achieve the outcome or goal. Once I meet “the one,” then… Once I win the championship or award, then… When I have washboard abs, then… When I have more money, then…

When A is complete, then there becomes a B…which inevitably becomes A again. It’s like a dog chasing its tail.

Many miss the heart-throbbing aliveness of right now by putting emphasis on later. But when later is better than now, attachment develops and identity and happiness are put off until…

Today a client said, “I’m craving the in-the-moment feeling…”

“What is that feeling?”

“It’s being present…,” she muses. “My senses are heightened. I’m aware of sounds and smells and how things look. I appreciate whoever is around me and what’s going on. And I experience that.”

And then she hammers it home for herself: “I’m living a ‘get to’ life versus a ‘have to’ life.”

In the now, time (the distance between events) stops, and space (the distance between objects) dissolves. What seems separate meshes and merges together.

When there’s no urgent need to change whom you’re with or what you’re doing, purpose expands and life happens consciously…and you begin to crave it.

Goodness is and always has been accessible right here, right now, right inside yourself.

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