The Force in STAR WARS is The Force in You

The Force AwakensThe newly released Star Wars movie caught my attention weeks before its premier because of three words: The Force Awakens.

I have a thing for awakenings.

In the literal sense, my husband talks, walks, hunts, farms, and screams profanities at snakes in his sleep. While fully asleep, he’ll react as if he were totally awake. I used to shake him to awaken. Now I have to reason with him. I AM awake, he’ll tell me, when in reality he’s sawing logs. It’s fascinating. It’s like his unconscious mind has taken over and doesn’t want him to know it. (more…)

Captivity is Optional – Set Yourself Free

While driving by a prison last week, I gawked at a few men digging a new grave. Two other gravestones nearby marked newly tossed mounds of dirt.

“Hm. People die as prisoners…” I’d never really contemplated it before.

freedom!Quickly I recognized two kinds of captivity: physical and mental.

There are people who are not physically living in a prison, yet they’ll die as prisoners. Their gravestones won’t be located on the corner of the prison grounds, but they’ll be buried as a person who was held captive, nonetheless.

The mind can be a prison guard. It can run us, like automatons, if we let it. We’ll just go through the motions in life, wearing our orange jumpsuits, never really stopping to consider what the meaning truly is behind those motions. (more…)

Leading your Life in the NEW YEAR

Leadership is much more than a title. In fact, leadership is about leading in life. Period. It is about helping yourself and others take purposeful action to make things happen-at home, work, in your community, and in your LIFE!

Consider the following leadership tips as you celebrate a NEW YEAR!happy new year

N=NURTURE your mind. Learn. Grow. Lead. Challenge yourself to learn something new everyday. Be open to possibilities, even if you don’t believe they have any value when they are first presented. Be open-minded and allow yourself to consider different viewpoints!

E=Be ENGAGED. Align your goals with your values and beliefs. If engagement is low, determine why, and do something about it to increase it! (more…)

Five New Habits for the New Year

As 2014 comes to a close, I want to challenge all readers of this blog to five habits for the new year! As you embrace and practice these on a daily basis, watch how your life is blessed with peace and joy!

1) Let go of judgment. At work. At home. At church. At the grocery store. Everywhere. Release any form of judgment that labels others or situations. It is amazing how releasing judgment of yourself and others can free up energy space for compassion, love, and understanding!release judgment, embrace curiousity

2) Serve. Make a habit of serving others. This could be as small as opening the door for someone or sharing your gifts, talents, and money with those in need. (more…)

The Power of Awareness

The power of awareness with regards to how someone energetically shows up in situations is powerful! Being reflective and asking ourselves about the story going around in our own mind is important to raising our awareness and then choosing actions that will benefit us and those around us. We invite you to listen the following podcast as we discuss the T.E.A. strategy and the power of awareness and choice! (more…)

Building Trust

Have you ever been in a relationship or on a team that seems to lack trust?  Do you strive to build trust in your relationships at home, organization, and community? Most likely, you answered yes to both questions.  Trust is essential to any healthy relationship and we all strive for building trust in our home, workplace, and community.  Stephen Covey summed up trust really well in his book, “The Speed of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything.”  He discussed five waves of trust:

  • trust based on the principle of credibility
  • relationship trust based on the principle of proper behavior
  • organizational trust based on the principle of alignment
  • market trust based on the principle of reputation
  • societal trust based on the principle of contribution