Clubs, Curbs & Courage

Years ago I sat outside in the dark on a curb with another woman who didn’t really want to go into the strip club either. In fact, none of the group (that I’m aware) had gone into one before, but it was a bachelorette party, so it seemed like the best time to let our hair down and do something memorable.

But I didn’t want to.

It wasn’t “me.”

So I sat on the curb that night and waited for the party to go on. (more…)

A Square Peg in a Round Hole

“Because, Rachel, we’ve always done it this way.” This was the response I received recently after asking why an organization wouldn’t consider a new useful and efficient idea.

“If we let one person do it, then we’d have to let everyone do it.”

This rebuttal created instant relief in my mind: Awesome! If everyone was allowed to do this, they would save so much time!

But the door was shut and dead-bolted on the idea, and the-way-we-always-do-things prevailed.

At first I experienced frustration (a win-win isn’t going to be considered), then sadness (you’re pushing the envelope again, Rach, and not making any friends), then an insight (omg! This has been happening your whole life!).

I began to wonder how many square pegs, like me, have been trying to fit into round holes. (more…)

How do you know “what’s best for kids”?

“We’re going to do what’s best for kids.” This cliché is often heard in education.

I began asking myself, “How do we know what’s best for kids?” How do I even know as a parent what’s best for my own kids? So when it struck me, I decided to add my voice to the whats-best-for-kids-bandwagon:

What’s best for kids is conscious adults.

*** (more…)

What are School Selfies Teaching Children?

I get it – it’s the era of technology. And I get it – kids love it.

But what I don’t get it is that in light of all the research about brain development, social development, and the direct link to depression and anxiety to the use of technology (namely social media), why are school leaders leading this effort of posting selfies with students on social media?

I’m confused and curious about it. (more…)

One surprising way your phone keeps your experiences shallow

stay-presentDigital pictures can capture every moment. Vicariously experiencing the activities of others remains just a thumb movement away.

Because of instant media access, we can take something deeply meaningful and export it for others to have a taste, too.

Swipe. Click. Scroll. Click. POST!

We’ve shared the experience!

Or have we?

Google the secret to success and ironically one key that always surfaces is to “keep it a secret”. If you truly want to be motivated, they say, don’t tell anyone your goals. Why not? Well, it takes something away from original intentions. Once its been made public, there’s scientific evidence that motivation to work hard slips. (more…)

The Force in STAR WARS is The Force in You

The Force AwakensThe newly released Star Wars movie caught my attention weeks before its premier because of three words: The Force Awakens.

I have a thing for awakenings.

In the literal sense, my husband talks, walks, hunts, farms, and screams profanities at snakes in his sleep. While fully asleep, he’ll react as if he were totally awake. I used to shake him to awaken. Now I have to reason with him. I AM awake, he’ll tell me, when in reality he’s sawing logs. It’s fascinating. It’s like his unconscious mind has taken over and doesn’t want him to know it. (more…)