I stole it.

It was a sign dangling by a single pushpin to a bulletin board outside a classroom in college. Even though stealing wasn’t even close to my normal activity, I *knew* that sign was for me.

It portrayed a giant footprint that read, “You know it’s the hand of God when you end up where you did not plan on going.”

Walking those halls in 2000, I wondered how I got there. To that college. In that town. With that athletic scholarship. How did this happen? It was so good.

I remembered that sign again in 2014 when I trudged slowly to the front of the church to speak to family and friends gathered for my dad’s funeral. It was difficult. And it was also good.

It led me to the path of coaching.

In my small coaching groups this week we’re discussing “trusting the process”. It’s easy to trust when things are going well, but it’s more difficult when adversity hits.

If you can position yourself as a student of life, you can trust the universe is a master teacher.

Reflect: What pivot(s) weren’t part of your original plan but took you exactly where you were “meant” to be?


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