happyfriendsRelationships are the core of culture and the foundation in families.

Intentionally building relationships impacts overall satisfaction in life. Any leader will tell you that if this pillar isn’t in place, it eventually becomes a source of frustration and stress.

Here are four ways to impact your relationships:

1. Don’t take things personally

There’s a lot of freedom that comes when we stop taking things personally. What another says is more about him or her than it is about you. To build a bonding relational bridge, listen to the story another shares, but listen mostly to HOW they’re saying it. It’s about THEM. Don’t make it about you.

2. Stop making assumptions/telling stories

When we don’t know the whole story, our mind automatically fills in the blanks. Catch yourself before a judgmental thought passes your conscious mind. If information is incomplete, avoid building an unconscious barrier in a relationship by choosing to consciously assume the BEST or start a genuine conversation to find out the truth.

3. Don’t ask “How are you?” unless you really want to know

If you want to impact your relationships, feel a genuinely care about others. Small talk and general “politeness” keep a relationship shallow. To connect deeper, ask a question, and then pay attention to the answer. Genuine curiosity creates unbreakable bonds.

4. Be authentic

Transparency and truth equals trust. Being yourself allows others permission to be themselves, too. When acceptance occurs at a core level, relationships soar. Impact relationships by showing up as real and present as possible.

Every encounter in the workplace is an opportunity to create a bond. Build the foundation and core of your culture by being intentional to cultivate and impact your relationships.

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