img_4933I’ve never been a dog person.

I’m not comfortable having an animal in my house, on my couch, and in my car. I’m not a fan of finding little black hairs on my clothes, pillows, or god-forbid in my food. Adding extra time in my day to take an animal out to watch to make sure it empties its bladder and bowels isn’t my cup of tea. And the cost? Ignorance was bliss.

But you know what? Zip is growing on me.

For the last seven days this Chihuahua slash Short-haired mix pooch has been with our family, and for seven days he’s shown us nothing but affection.

As I type this sentence right now, Zip relaxes on my lap – affectionate to a woman he met seven days ago. Already loyal. Already trusting. And always happy.

What is it with dogs? My dog-loving friends assure me there’s no coincidence that dog spelled backward is God.

What can we learn from a dog?

Be present.

When people are home, Zip is with them, basking in their presence. peace

Be affectionate.

Physical touch heals. It releases oxytocin from the brain leaving us literally in love. Dogs must inherently know this. Just touch me, they say, I promise you’ll feel better!

Be grateful.

What does this dog have to be joyous about? A sweet ride? (I drive a minivan, so….) Success and recognition? (I assure you, he doesn’t care what anybody thinks outside the walls of this home.) A lasting legacy? (Well, he’s neutered.)

He has a cup of food a day, fresh-ish water, a dog bed, and a few people who enjoy his existence. And he’s so happy!

My new friend zipped into my life with lessons. I’m thankful for this teacher.

I’m appreciating dogs more these days.

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