imgresIt is the nature of nature to repeat itself. Each morning, the sun rises. The moon continues its phases. The tide ebbs and flows. The seasons come and go…and come again.

The same is true for us.

We gravitate toward doing that which we’ve done before, the same routine and habits, whether they’re helpful…or harmful.

For this holiday season, consider change.

Step out of your old ways, habits, and steps. Do what you’ve never done before!

Common habits begin with the palm of your hand: phone habits. Here are three little shifts to make with giant ramifications:

  1. Stay in the moment.

stay-presentDon’t stop what you’re doing to capture what you’re doing. Keep playing. Keep watching. Keep being. Don’t interrupt with your mind, what your heart is experiencing. The idea of posting a picture and the caption to go with it, takes you OUT of fully experiencing the moment for what it is.

  1. Feel the restlessness at night.

That’s right. Just feel it. When you wake in the middle of the night, avoid the temptation to pick up your phone. The light stimulates your brain more and counteracts your plan to turn it off to get back to sleep. Just be restless. Don’t fight it or numb it. It is what it is. Try a new location (the coach, a chair, the fireplace); shift into a new position: take deep breaths, imaging each one going into a different area of your body. Think of your toes – breath into them. Your breaths will be longer and deeper and more relaxing, aiding your way back into sleep. If an idea is keeping you restless, write it on good ole fashioned paper and go back to sleep.

  1. Use the morning to your advantage.

Every morning the sun arrives slowly. Arrive slowly with it. Instead of picking up your phone first thing in the morning, become an empty vessel. Get up, go peace-of-mind-349815_960_720someplace comfortable, and sit still. Just 20 minutes a day creates an expansion in your mindset that there IS enough time in a day. Starting with stillness empowers YOU to decide where to focus attention without apps, posts, bells and whistles directing it. The benefits are extensive!

Without intentional action, habitual action takes over. To increase your happiness, try something new and let us know the outcome!


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