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from the INside Out

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How individuals lead themselves

directly impacts how they lead others…

…which is why we love helping leaders increase awareness.

Recognize any of these?

Most of us do. We’re human.

What’s going on INside impacts us more than what’s going on outside. 

And it begins with awareness.

It begins here.


Education Specialist & Certified Professional Coach

My passion is INspiring educators to engage in their own journey – personally and professionally. As leaders, we often focus on the outcome and do not enjoy the process.

My specialty is helping leaders make intentional decisions, not fear based so they get the desired results.

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Certified Professional Coach & Leadership Consultant

I’m passionate about helping people and organizations establish and complete a vision for their future.

I consult with educators and corporations, including students, parents, educators, community members, and non-profit organizations. 

I help change status quo systems and build dynamic new systems alongside groups and individuals, establishing where they want to go and how they’ll move in that direction.

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Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Practitioner

My heart and passion are for people who feel they’re not enough.

They may feel don’t match up to what others want or need them to be, or they’re wearing masks in roles like marriage and parenting, or business and leadership. It doesn’t matter what title someone holds, we are all humans experiencing life the best we know how.

My coaching draws out the strengths and talents of others.

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Certified Professional Coach & Writer

My speciality is coaching high-achievers who want more (or less) in their professional and/or private life without feeling guilty, selfish, lazy, or stressed.

My coaching brings people out of their story and into the present.

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We value uniting people in respect, civility and love. This starts with “IN” ourselves. Our work is focused on INternal navigation, knowing that how we lead ourselves directly impacts our leadership of others.

Our grander vision is to restore the unity withIN community.

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