What are School Selfies Teaching Children?

I get it – it’s the era of technology. And I get it – kids love it.

But what I don’t get it is that in light of all the research about brain development, social development, and the direct link to depression and anxiety to the use of technology (namely social media), why are school leaders leading this effort of posting selfies with students on social media?

I’m confused and curious about it. (more…)

The Greatest Leaders have One Thing in Mind

The light in the women’s bathroom in the gym I workout in is still out. It’s been a week.

Using that bathroom is like trying to do business in a total solar eclipse – dark. And for some of the older folks I’ve seen working out over the noon hour, it’s a potential danger.

While the gym director pumped iron this week oblivious to the fact that I used the bathroom with the door cracked two inches in order to locate the necessities, I had an aha. Metaphorically speaking, a light bulb went on. (more…)

The Power of Introverts in Leadership

Do you tend to listen more than talk? Would you rather place yourself on the outer edges of a group rather than the middle? Do you feel most effective one-on-one and small groups versus a large group?

If you answered yes, you may have a tendency toward introversion.

Introvert describes a type of person who focuses inward toward ideas and images. They get their energy from being alone. Think of them as deep wells of water from which to slowly draw out something refreshing. (more…)