Building Silence into Your Schedule is Essential

In 1964 Simon & Garfunkel brought awareness to the sound of silence. In their musical rendition, it was the loudness of silence that caught their attention: no one dared disturb the sound of silence.

In 2017, however,  there is a bombardment of noise in which silence could now be a coveted answer.

Noise is perpetuating the inability to concentrate, create, and communicate in a way that promotes community. Everyone has a private opinion which can now be aired publically.

Why make time for silence? (more…)

Compelling Books for Your 2017 Reading List

Over the course of a year I consume a multitude of books. Coincidently, in a Jack Canfield book called The Success Principles, he quotes Jim Rohn and suggests exchanging an hour of screen time for reading time.

“…if you were to read one book a week, in 10 years you’d have read 520 books and in 20 years, more than 1,000 books – enough to easily put you in the top 1% of experts in your field.”

These books captured me in 2016: (more…)

How to make your Brain work for You

images-1You are not your brain.
When stress hits and you feel your body tense up and maybe a headache accompanies the tension, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing.

When fear occurs and you feel your heart rate increase and your palms get cold and sweaty, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing.

Ladies, when the limbic system in your brain releases hormones monthly and you experience irritability, sadness, foggy mind, or bouts of anxiety or insecurity, it’s a brain thing. Not a You thing. (more…)

How People are Radically Improving in Only 20 Minutes

images-7What if I told you that only 20 minutes a day of significantly doing “nothing” could improve your physical and emotional wellbeing, increase your productivity, and deepen your sense of significance?

It’s true.

I like to sit quietly for 20 minutes and just breathe. I shut down my thinking, become keenly aware of what’s going on inside me, and experience calm and total peace. This routine allows me to be totally present, and I’ve learned to practice taking this presence with me throughout my day. (more…)

One Easy Way to Instantly Reduce Stress

Businesswoman thinking. Thought bubble above

Your mind is constantly telling a story with or without your permission. It narrates what it sees and begins to label and file its interpretations. The efficiency of this amazing machine is what gives human beings creative and critical thinking – we can use this to our advantage when we are mindful and engaged, but most of the time our brains function without our conscious knowledge.

Here’s why:

When there is missing data, our brains automatically fill in the gaps.