5 Ways to Deal with your 700,000 Thoughts

People talk at 125-225 words per minute on average and can think 4x faster.

That means roughly having 500-900 thoughts per minute. So in one hour, the average person would have about 30,000-60,000 internal thoughts.


If you like the math, in just an 8-hour workday that’s about 240,000-480,000 thoughts. All in your head. And that’s not including the ones that you actually turn into audible words or the ones that occur during the rest of your waking moments.

But have you ever really stopped to think about what you’re thinking about?


How well are We Loving Each Other?

I’ve never worked for an organization that included a goal and measurable outcome of success by how well we loved each other.

But I think all organizations should have one.

Neuroscientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, woke up experiencing a stroke in 1996 and lost her ability to speak, read, talk, walk or remember her past within a span of four hours. Since she studied the brain, she gained incredible insight about how the two hemispheres function. (more…)

3 Healthy Ways to Deal with Injustice

With increasing ability to catch wind of injustice around the world today, fear and anger are sweeping the nation.

While people grapple and cope, unhealthy ways to do so are surfacing.

When a colleague gets credit for your idea, how do you respond? When your spouse spends more time with a hobby or television than with the family, how do you respond? When innocent people are hurt, how do you respond?

Knowing how we respond to one thing is a conscious glimpse in how likely we respond to all things.

Here are three unhealthy habits followed by three healthy alternatives: (more…)

10 Ways to Tell if You’ve been Hijacked by your Phone

Great leaders habitually check-in and assess if it’s them navigating their day or if it’s really their phone. The little pocket-pal has been called a time thief, a conversation interrupter, and a creator of co-dependency, yet it’s still given major leeway in so many of our lives. (I’m not gonna pretend it doesn’t happen to me.)

To assess whether you have been hijacked by this small device, the following list of ten scenarios should help shed some light onto the little tricks of your oh-so-smart-phone: (more…)

What to Say to Toxic People without Draining Yourself

Being seen and heard heals people.

We all experience sadness, frustration or anger. It’s part of being human to ebb and flow in a range of emotions.

They’re gonna come. And they’re gonna go. If we don’t judge them, they’ll go even faster.

Those who can hold the tension of undesirable emotion within themselves, without overreacting as they come and go, are environment changers. They’re frequency holders. They create a path to freedom for others.

Want to up your communication game? Want to maintain your composure? Want to shift a toxic person’s energy? Good deal. Let’s go. (more…)