Did you watch the eclipse, or did you experience it?

When someone asks where you were during the solar eclipse of 2017, what will you tell them?

This celestial event gave millions of people an opportunity to have a mindful experience.

Mindfulness is adding a pause in the moment to be present. It means intentionally taking oneself off autopilot to pay close attention with sight, sound, smell, touch, or taste.

If you watched the cast of the shadows change perception or direction, noticed the light diminish around you, used your skin to note the temperature drop, observed the sun and moon through special dark glasses, listened carefully for birds and crickets tuning into their goodnight songs, extended your lunch longer to enjoy your food for the occasion, or felt something inside you hush in appreciation or awe, then the unique natural eclipse phenomenon was met with mindfulness.

You were present. (more…)

3 Healthy Ways to Deal with Injustice

With increasing ability to catch wind of injustice around the world today, fear and anger are sweeping the nation.

While people grapple and cope, unhealthy ways to do so are surfacing.

When a colleague gets credit for your idea, how do you respond? When your spouse spends more time with a hobby or television than with the family, how do you respond? When innocent people are hurt, how do you respond?

Knowing how we respond to one thing is a conscious glimpse in how likely we respond to all things.

Here are three unhealthy habits followed by three healthy alternatives: (more…)

10 Ways to Tell if You’ve been Hijacked by your Phone

Great leaders habitually check-in and assess if it’s them navigating their day or if it’s really their phone. The little pocket-pal has been called a time thief, a conversation interrupter, and a creator of co-dependency, yet it’s still given major leeway in so many of our lives. (I’m not gonna pretend it doesn’t happen to me.)

To assess whether you have been hijacked by this small device, the following list of ten scenarios should help shed some light onto the little tricks of your oh-so-smart-phone: (more…)

What to Say to Toxic People without Draining Yourself

Being seen and heard heals people.

We all experience sadness, frustration or anger. It’s part of being human to ebb and flow in a range of emotions.

They’re gonna come. And they’re gonna go. If we don’t judge them, they’ll go even faster.

Those who can hold the tension of undesirable emotion within themselves, without overreacting as they come and go, are environment changers. They’re frequency holders. They create a path to freedom for others.

Want to up your communication game? Want to maintain your composure? Want to shift a toxic person’s energy? Good deal. Let’s go. (more…)

How To “Have It All” Without Having It All – Get Rich Now

Flying across the still waters of the lake by jet ski at sun-up last weekend, I caught myself in mid-thought, “When I retire, I’m going to…”

“Woah. STOP. RIGHT. THERE,” I told myself.

A few years ago I’d read an article by a man who told of his vacation with his wife and kids to Hawaii, and while standing on the white sandy beach with the crimsons and pinks of the sunset splashed across the horizon in front them, his wife said, “I can’t wait to come back here next year.” The husband was taken back by this comment. Why all the wishing and waiting to come back when you’re here right now? (more…)

How Floating in a Sensory Deprivation Tank Made Me Better at My Job

I heard a guy give a testimony once about how he was very vanilla – meaning he didn’t have a major life event he overcame or an inspiring testimony of total transformation. He was just a guy who went through life paying attention.

I connected with his message.

I’ve spent a lot of life just paying attention.

Because of that attention, I found myself naturally leading people to the quiet place beside still waters because I was not in perpetual motion.

As a leadership coach, my biggest asset is the ability to listen, acknowledge and understand what’s being (and not being) said, and reflect back how that impacts a leader and those he or she leads.

The less distraction I experience from my own thoughts, the more effective I become. Thus, the impact my clients experience is greater – 9 times out of 10 calling our work together “life-changing”. (more…)

5 Ways Marriage can Affect all Your Relationships

This month marks 13 years of marriage for my husband and me. Oh, and I think it’s important to point out we’re not soul mates.

My mom told me once “the one” was not out there somewhere. “There are lots of people we’re compatible with, and we get to decide which one we want to spend the rest of our life with,” she said.

Her short quip grounded me that searching for someone outside myself to share a you-complete-me-Jerry-McGuire-moment would just keep me looking for my other half.

And I want to be whole. (more…)

The Power of Introverts in Leadership

Do you tend to listen more than talk? Would you rather place yourself on the outer edges of a group rather than the middle? Do you feel most effective one-on-one and small groups versus a large group?

If you answered yes, you may have a tendency toward introversion.

Introvert describes a type of person who focuses inward toward ideas and images. They get their energy from being alone. Think of them as deep wells of water from which to slowly draw out something refreshing. (more…)